T.B. Scott Free Library is pleased to present our March/April Beyond Books: Community ArtShare Program: Fish Out of Water – Carvings by Arnie Plamann.

Arnie Plamann was born and raised in the Merrill area. He moved to Rhinelander where he did a lot of fishing. For a time, he had moved out of state, but recently, Arnie and his wife returned to live on the land where he was raised.

Arnie is a self-taught artist. He first started carving little fish and toys for the neighborhood children. Painting his creations came later, and he admits that painting is more difficult to get results that are satisfying to him.

On average, it takes Arnie one month to finish a piece. Basswood and oil paints are his preferred materials. Arnie uses multiple resources including pictures of fish he has caught and reference books. He can only work for about 2 hours at a time before his body says it’s time to get up and walk. His work has included a request to recreate a fish from a picture for a special gift from father to son.

When asked how he became so good at his craft, Arnie responded with, “The more you carve, the better you get.” His creations can be seen at the T. B. Scott Free Library during the months of March and April.

Click here to see some of Chase’s work.

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