Tax Forms

2/4/15 Update: Regular 1040 Forms were delivered today.

Here is the list of all available forms:

1125 F 1040 EZ
1500 F 1040 A
750 F 1040

1-111 2014 Form 1 - Instructions
1-116 2014 Schedule -H/H-EZ - Homestread Credit w/ Instruction Booklet
1-010 2014 Form 1 - Tax Form
1-017 2014 Rent Certificate for Homestead Credit Claims
1-117 2014 Forms 1A and WI-Z Instructions
1-080 2014 Form 1A - Tax Form
1-090 2014 Form WI-Z Tax Form

These are located on the third floor of the T.B. Scott Free Library.

January 12, 2015 Update: We have just been notified that, due to federal budget cuts, the IRS will stop sending most tax forms to libraries. As a result, T.B. Scott Free Library will be receiving the following federal tax forms: 1040, 1040A, and 1040EZ. These three forms are the only free materials offered this year. However, staff will be available at the library to help you find and print the forms and instructions you want at .15 a page. You may also visit the IRS website to print your own forms at home, or have forms personally sent to you by the IRS via postal mail.

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