Library Events


  1. Tail Waggin'Tutors (Ages Kindergarten - 8th Grade)
  2. Lunch Bunch


  1. Jason Huneke, Juggler, at PRMS

Thursday, June 29th

  1. Build with Tynker: Coding Games, recommended for fourth grade and older
    • Start time: 01:00pm
    • End time: 03:00pm
    • Build with Tynker: Coding Games – Recommended for fourth grade and older, kids can play coding games, build computer games, and share them with others using Tynker, a visual coding system.

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Monday, July 3rd

  1. Legos

Tuesday, July 4th

  1. Library Closed - Independence Day

Thursday, July 6th

  1. Teen Movie: Monster Trucks
    • Start time: 01:00pm
    • End time: 03:00pm
    • Recommended for kids ages 9 and up, this 2016 PG-rate film is about a teen and his pickup truck, which has been taken over by a subterranean creature with human intelligence, Creech. Together they try to stop an oil company from killing other captured creatures like Creech, and return them to their home.

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  2. eBook Coaching
  3. eBook Coaching
  4. UFOs & Crop Circles of Wisconsin--Chad Lewis
    • Start time: 06:30pm
    • End time: 08:00pm
    • Wisconsin has a rich history of UFO and alien encounters, and of crop circles appearing in our fields. Chad Lewis will look at UFOs buzzing fields, cattle mutations, and face to face encounters with creatures not of this earth. You'll be certain to leave this program and look up, in wonder, at the inexplicable around us.

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