The type of birth experience mothers wish to have is a very personal choice. While today, as a mother-to-be, there are more options than ever before, there are also a lot of factors to consider when making the choice. These are just some of the things one may need to consider:

  • Where does your provider practice
  • What does your insurance cover
  • Where do you live and what hospitals are close by
  • Is your pregnancy considered to be high-risk?

The evening’s program will cover these questions and a great deal more through a panel discussion to explore and better understand the birthing options available for mothers-to-be.
Panelists for the evening’s informative discussion will include:

  • Rebecca Gilbertson, CNM DFNP:   Family practice nurse practitioner in Medford. Practiced as a CNM (certified nurse midwife) delivering babies in a hospital setting for years before starting her own independent family practice clinic in Medford. Spent considerable time and effort making midwifery care (birth center and home birth) available to her community.
  • Krista Botsford:   Retired physician's assistant who delivered babies in a hospital setting over the course of her career. Currently serving on the Board of Directors for Mujeres Aliadas - a Mexican organization promoting women's health and reproductive education for indigenous women near Patzcuaro, Mexico.
  • Patrick McKenna, MD :   Family practice doctor currently serving families and delivering babies in a hospital setting.
  • Katie Breitenmoser:    Student/assistant midwife who has trained over the last eleven years with a Direct-Entry midwife, a CPM, and a CNM.  Sitting her CPM (Certified Professional Midwife) exam in the very near future and looking forward to beginning a home birth midwifery practice.

Jot down your questions and concerns beforehand and be sure to bring them with you. The evening is sure to provide you with some very helpful information and you should walk away with a better understanding of your choices and perhaps which direction you will want to proceed.
Refreshments will be provided for this program by the First Street Coffee Station and The Checkered Churn.