Stallion of Cimarron

From the collection of
Esther Trostle

August - September 2016

The latest Community ArtShare display at T. B. Scott Library revolves around a popular 2002 children’s movie—“Spirit: Stallion of Cimarron.”
Two years ago, local resident Esther Trostle began collecting memorabilia from the movie, including figurines, posters, tee shirts, books, collectible mugs, pewter, and porcelain.

Items from Trostle’s collection will be on display through the end of September on the library’s second floor.  Be sure to visit in August and September—Esther’s collection is  large enough that she will switch out much of her display around Labor Day.  That Esther loves horses is an understatement—it’s a passion that goes back as early as she can remember.  When the “Spirit” DVD came out, she was quite young, and didn’t have the means to purchase items.  However, in recent years, circumstances have changed, allowing Esther to collect her interest and passion.

Esther’s favorite “Spirit” piece is a full-size movie cardboard cutout poster like one would see at a theater.  She says she has learned a lot about collecting, the volatility of collectibles prices—and most surprisingly, discovering that what fetches the biggest prices are not always what you think.

Please visit the library to view this exhibit and all the wondrous things your library has to offer.  T. B. Scott Free Library’s “Beyond Books: Community ArtShare” features a new exhibit every two months on an ongoing basis. The program was made possible by a $10,000 grant from the Mead Witter Foundation, Inc. of Wisconsin Rapids.